I have been living a nomadic life for the past 9 years and photography has been a way for me to remember the places I have visited, and the countries I have lived in.


My name is Betty Hygrell. I am a travel photographer and the creator of this website, an online print shop where I curate my photographic prints from my travels. After I set sail and left my home country in 2009, I went to work and live in Hong Kong, India, Australia and in Shanghai, China for almost a decade. I am Indonesian, my husband is Swedish, and the world is our home. 

When one of my photos of my trek to Everest Basecamp was chosen as one of the winners for the National Geographic assignment called "The Moment" in 2014 and was featured in one of their books "Your Shot" the following year, I started to learn photography and my interest just got deeper. I have never looked back since. 

Photography allows me to express my creativeness in relation to my other passions for travels, home decor, colors, textures, and all beautiful things.


If you are working on something and you think we would be a good fit to work together please get in touch via email or let's connect in instagram.