Photographic prints from travels, documenting the simple beauty of nature, peoples and lifestyles.


Combining the love of travel with home aesthetics, Betty Hygrell presents photographic prints from her travels to Argentina, Australia, India, Sweden, China, et cetera.  

These photographic prints will give a little inspiration to your home, transport you away for some moments, to places near and far, far away...


Visit the shop to see more photographic prints of landscapes, nature, peoples and lifestyles. Photographic prints from far away places. 


Colors, textures and sceneries of different places. Travels change your perspective.


Arriving in a country or place for the first time is something very exciting; you can immediately feel the different dynamics, like you are entering a new performance stage. Your senses are on high alert, eyes wide-opened, and you are eager to absorb everything. I love traveling and pause the moments with photography.  

Below is some of my photos, to see some more of my portfolio click here.


If you have a project in your mind and you think we would be a good fit to collaborate, please get in touch.

It could be about places, travels, peoples or styles. 


Why not get to know me a little better through my latest blog and explore my travel diaries, travel tips and behind the scene in the blog.


Welcome to my world. It is a journey through travels and home interior. 


Working, living abroad and slowly traveling the world for 9 years has given me a new sense of the world, of people, of life and of home. Through my travels I have come to realise that we are all so similar even though some prefer to focus on the few differences between us. I have also learned that life and home is what you make it. Read more of my story here or my travel diaries in the blog.