6 Easy Tips For Home Makeover

Nowadays I get excited just thinking of doing a makeover in my home. The prospect of a home makeover used to overwhelm and stress me out, but that is all in the past. Whereas before I focused on planning everything perfectly with the result that nothing happened, I now take a more relaxed approach. I have realised that I do not need to have everything before I start redecorating. I take time to collect/buy things of quality that I really like and which bring me joy.


In the blog today, I would like to share with you some easy tips that will help you decorate any corner of your home:

  1. Photographic prints. Decide whether you want “one-big-statement photo” or several photos on the wall. Alternatively, you can lean the photo(s) against the wall and layers some black and white photos.

  2. Plants. Place a few small plants on the top of chest drawers or shelves, or a big plant on the floor. Look for easy maintenance plants. My favourite ones are: Fiddle Leaf Fig (needs lots of light and just a little water), snake plant and succulents.

  3. Other items. Here is a sample of other items that can add to the beauty of your home: candles, rattan baskets, coffee table books, stack of fashion/decor magazines and table lamps. 

  4. 3M command strips. To stick the frames onto the wall, I recommend 3M command strips. I have used 3M in my previous two homes when I moved to different countries, and it has worked like a charm. Just ensure that your walls are properly painted so the paint won't come off as easily as when you take off your face mask :). 

    I rotate things in my home a lot, so I like to use removable stickers to decor my wall and 3M has been my best friend. It is strong and easy to remove. You can find it in hardware stores or the 3M online shop. 

  5. Try different positions on the wall by simply holding the photo. Once you have decided on a specific spot, use a pencil to mark your favourite spot on the wall. And before you know it, voilà, the photo is up on the wall, perfectly aligned.

  6. Add other items into the scene. You don’t need to display all of the suggested items together if you don’t have enough space or if you want it to be a little bit minimalistic. Play and move things around until you are satisfied. 


Memory of Australia

Image by  Jo and June .

Image by Jo and June.



Photographic prints, Argentina 2015


El Estaño

Image by  Jo and June

Image by Jo and June


Lofty and Dry

Photographic prints,Argentina 2015

Now you have the tools and inspirations to decor your home. One corner at a time! no more excuses, it is time to take care that little corner of yours to finally look inspiring to you. You will thank yourself, I promise, it will give you better days. Let me know how it goes in the comments below.